miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2011

Technology VS teachers?


So far you have had some time to reflect upon this quote. What do you think? Do you consider your students different from you, in terms of learning abilities? Have you ever realized that they are "digital natives" (Prensky, 2001)? 
Teaching AND learning: are they the same for you?

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stella :-)

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  1. I like the phrase you published....

    Having the netbooks is not enough........and you referred to this on our first meeting.....
    The most important thing is to use them appropriately in our daily practices....

  2. I think a teacher has to learn new things..if not how are we supposed to teach our students in the way they learn better?nowadays our students are in contact with a lot of things that could be useful tools for us, the teachers, when we have to teach them and, of course we hope they acquire. I think that if we do not share the same 'language' our students use, we will never provide them the input they need to learn in a better way!:)

  3. Yes,I think the teacher makes the classroom successful, and so do students. We are a fundamental part in the teaching learning process, so it is our responsibility to motivate our students and bear in mind that it is them who are the centre of our clas.Many times, it is not easy and we, teachers, focus only on form ;we are "fossilized".

    As far as technology is concerned,I think that it is another tool in the classroom,like books and realia, but at the same time, it is an appealing resource to our "digital native students"nowadays.

    As for teaching and learning, we know they are both an important and continuous part of language acquisition, because students learn from us and we learn from them. Ana María Cordi

  4. I agree with you @ll. Actually I guess becoming aware of our digital native students and planning our classes for them (WITH or WHITHOUT technologies) is a big step.

    stella :-)