jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

Critical thinking & CLIL

Karina wants to share with the group the following slide show. It looks interesting!

And Lilia found this video on CLIL, by David Marsh (writer of both books we
 saw in the first meeting)

thanx for sharing

stella :-)

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  1. Hello everyone! I have read the slide show above. I think that it is relevant the fact that Teaching-Training-students know they will contribute with future needs about teaching issues and that their knowledge and abilities will fit the demands of society in a few years time. A great percentage of people are aware of the importance of having a degree which will allow them to provide society with necessary technological tools while teaching.

  2. Well, I've also watched David Marsh's interview.
    It is more than evident that he is a "CLIL fan". In my opinion he is not objective, because every methodology has at least a negative point. For Marsh, this is not the case. Anyway, I agree with the fact that CLIL seems to be one of the best teaching methodologies which include Language and Content in these times, and learners have the chance to learn having fun at the same time. This methodology seems to have worked in many European countries and the main characteristic of it is the integration of several factors such as content, language, fun, adaptation to each culture, what results in an exciting experience. With time, teaching methodologies keep on changing; and nowadays, CLIL seems to offer students good exposure to meaningful foreing language withing new technologies. Theories about CLIL are showing to be effective and successful. Bye. Patricia.