Below you'll find a list of  TUTORIALS:

  • E-LEARNING CLASS (the version might be slightly different )

  • E-LEARNING CLASS (in a slide-show)

E learning class
View more presentations from acyapura

  • How to make a BLOG with BLOGGER 

Tutorial de Blogger
View more presentations from Karina Crespo- Ministerio de Educacion

  • Some more info: OUR NETBOOKS, its parts, and the programs in them

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  1. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  2. Useful material, especially the one of how to create a blog... I did it... but cannot post or add stuff!!!! Help!!!!!!!!! I'm Sebastian Cebollita... jeje

  3. hi Sebastián
    Pls, tell me the problem. You should be able to edit the blog>>go to ACCEDER (above, on the right) and the blog will ask you your e-mail address and your code. Then you are going to be directed to the editing screen where you can:
    - paste a text from a word document.
    - write on the editing box, straightaway.
    - insert a picture (from your computer or from the web)>>there's an icon like a picture above
    - embed a video (go to the VIDEOS entry and see how to)>>>there's a litle icon, like a screen, too.
    - insert a slide presentation (after editing it with slideshare)>>>see entry on main page
    - add gadgets (as the ones on the right)
    - etc. etc, etc

    tell me if it helps, or better still, send me the address to your blog to my e-mailbox so that I can paste it on the blogroll.

    stella :-)

  4. without words,so useful stella...but it takes time.thanks