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Here you will find some interesting material on 1 :1 (One to One)

  • Nicholas Burbules in BA

  • Digital Natives (Prensky, 2001

  • Teaching with Technology- 21st Century Learner

  • Estrategias Pedagógicas del Modelo 1 : 1


  • Another interview: Nicholas Burbues and UL (Ubiquitous Learning)

Entrevista a Nicholas Burbules - IIPE-UNESCO Bs. As. from IIPE Virtual on Vimeo. More on the 1:1

4 comentarios:

  1. The concept of ubiquous learning is very interesting. ....

  2. Sure. It modifies the concept of teaching and LEARNING: Where does learning take place if content is everywhere???

    I see it as a challenge to teach new content to these new students!!

    stella :-)

  3. Burbules says that Ubiquitous Learning breaks down the temporal and spatial boundaries of the class because the mobility and portability of technological devices mean that learning happens anytime anywhere. For him, the school is like the hub of a wheel with spokes connecting to other learning environments. I think he couldn’t be more right about this point; the school is still, and I think it will always be, the only one place where all the other learning environment converge.

    Now, I wonder what kind of learning he’s talking about. Today’s typical students seem to be quite good at multitasking; they can simultaneously text, chat on a social networking site, listen to music, watch TV, download freeware, play games online, surf the Net and do some cut-and-paste stuff for their school assignments. But can they actually use the new technological gadgets to learn or do something really useful? I don’t really think so. Learning can be ubiquitous, but can students learn something really valuable? Then, is what the student finds interesting or engaging or motivating at any given time a sensible criterion to determine what deserves to be taught?

    Maybe, Burbules young son’s learning a lot by himself as he makes videos at home. But this kid is not in the same situation as any of the students attending state secondary schools in the province of BA. Most of these students come from slums and aren’t stimulated from an early age to learn the things a child from a privileged background usually is.

    That’s why, we, as teacher, must get acquainted with the new technologies and start to rethink both our roles and the kind of activities we give to students. We need to teach these students that there’s more to technology than just chatting, texting and posting nonsense. We just can’t wash our hands of this. Technology won’t go away; it came to stay. Yet it seems we can’t get through to today’s students in a hypercommunicated world…

  4. I meant "Burbules' young son's learning..."