jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2011

How can we change something that we do not know? Or that I'm not aware of?

How do our students learn?

Our students are different. But how can we change if  we haven't realized they learn in another way? Being DIGITAL NATIVES (Prensky, 2001)* does make the difference, doesn't it?
Have you ever thought about these issues? FEEL FREE TO POST COMMENTS!

* Are you interested in these articles? Simply google them! It's very easy.

  • "Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants" by Marc Prensky (2001)
  • "Do They Really Think Differently?" by Marc Prensky (2001)

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3 comentarios:

  1. In my opinion, our students are "Digital Immigrants", because even though most of them have been using their computers at home and their latest-technology mobile for many years, they have not been STUDYING with computers. They have not yet used their new netbooks as a "school item". They have to get used to it. And we, teachers must also get used to it. Most of teachers must learn how to plan and deliver meaningful classes making students use their netbooks. It's not so easy, but I think that with time, we will be more and more self-confident and aware of using the best resources that technology offers us to deliver fruitful classes. Students will be able to develop different learning skills using interesting programs and each student will have his or her individual learning strategy with their computers. They will be more acquainted with programs which netbooks include and they will have the ability to study on their own by searching, making mindmaps, reading with Foxit Reader program, and using as many digital tools as they know. Everything is new, all of us have to learn a lot of things, but I think that it's worth learning and teaching in this new digital-world context. Lastly, I'm sure that the teaching-learning process will be easier, more flexible and more motivating. Teachers will be learning technology WITH our students! It'll be an experience of endless relaxed feedback in the classroom-atmosphere. Patricia De Felice.

  2. I made a syntax mistake, and I made up my mind to re write the sentence, which is in the previous comment:

    "Students will be able to develop different learning skills BY using interesting programs and each student will have his or her individual learning strategy with their computers."

    Sorry, I had ommited "BY".


  3. Interesting point of view, Patricia. Let me tell you that I USED to agree with you:"our ss are digital immigrants", but as time went by, and using technology in most classes I realized that they had developed a particular skill as to how to connect concepts (Connectivism)or how to read images or how to incorporate technological devices (sometimes mobile) naturally, without being afraid of them. Almost nothing is user friendly for adults, but almost everyhting is USER FRIENDLY for adolescents.

    Anyway, each of us has to discover his/her own "realities".

    stella :-)