jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2011

How can I post my comments?

you are supposed to post your own comments after each post.
Read instructions below and just give it a try!

• Click on "comments" (right below this thread) to type your message.
• In "seleccionar perfil," choose CUENTA GOOGLE.
• Type a set of letters and numbers as you're asked.
• Enter the details you're asked. You'll be asked to type details of your regular account. DON'T INVENT A NEW ONE. It says: "tiene que existir."
• Now click on CONTINUAR. You should be ready to post your message then.

stella :-)

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  1. At the very beginning, when we received the netbooks at the school where I work, we felt like this...We didn´t know where to start.....and we were very anxious....as we still are......but little but little we started to try things out and it´s working........It´s a totally different experience but it´s worth going through.....without being afraid of using this wonderful tool in our practices....

    I leave you all a phrase just to think it over.....

    "You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith." ~Mary Manin Morrissey


  2. "ENGLISH AND ICT" started on 9th September 2011.
    I have never blocked my dream by allowing my fear grow bigger than my faith.
    I expect to learn new concepts about English teaching through this 4-day workshop.

  3. In fact, It might be my faith what makes my dream come true! But what really interested me most is to find the how to improve my practice!

  4. WOW!!!! KEEP ON POSTING!!!!!!!!!!

    stella :-)

  5. I´d like to know how you explain to the ss the painter{s presence in Las Meninas family

  6. The interesting thing about this picture is that the painter IS NOT PAINTING the princesses, the dames, the dwarf or even the dog. Otherwise, they would have been facing him and not giving him their backs. Apparently he seems to be looking at the audience, i.e. the person in front of the picture (you!) Or is he painting the king and queen? Watch the painting carefully and you'll find them. This enigmatic painting has different analyses and points of view. What can be discused, for example, is the position of the protagonists, who the protagonists are, why Velazquez has placed himself in that particular position, what could have happened that a man is coming down the stairs, why are the king and queen reflected on the mirror, just to mention a few.
    For a deeper analysis, you can visit:
    * WIKIPEDIA: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Las_Meninas
    * EUREKA: http://www.portaleureka.com/accesible/arte/21-las-meninas-1656-de-diego-velazquez
    * ARTEHISTORIA: http://www.artehistoria.jcyl.es/genios/cuadros/3.htm

    stella :-)

  7. I think that video is very interesting...
    David Marsh on CLIL

  8. Finally! Apparently, I will be able to post a comment to the blog. It is not so difficult, but, well, my mind is slow. I want to tell you I love this blog very much. It has a lot of interesting tips, topics and a fantastic "Escritorio del Docente". Thanks, Stella, for giving us this opportunity to sharing this blog and express our opinions. Thanks again. Patricia.

  9. You see, it's not THAT hard! Anyway, EVERYTHING is very easy with technologies, you simply press/hit a key. The problem is WHICH one, WHEN and WHY!!!!!

    stella :-)

  10. Yes, that is how technology works. "By trial and error". But it's not that hard. Anyway, I've been getting more and more self-confidence with this "machine". I have watched the video about "Technologhy for the future or the present?" and I found it very interesting. I think that for students technology is a stimulating resource for learning. It's more motivating than the "daily" board and text books. Teens like working with computers because they have more ability than adults. We, adults, are just learning how to film a video with the computer, how to unload a program, how to insert a picture or a drawing. But kids are so self-confident that they seem to have been born with knowledge about computer studies. That's why it's easier for them to learn content with technology. They know how to search, look for specific contents,(written or images), copy texts, paste, design, insert, etc. I think that using technology to learn new content is also motivating because it's less boring; moreover, computers have different programs which are good tools to foster study skills and strategies. Love. Patricia.

  11. YES!! We are getting into this new paradigm.


    stella :-)

  12. Hello Stella, I send you something that I think it could be useful to read.

    How does CLIL work?
    The basis of CLIL is that content subjects are taught and learnt in a language which is not the mother tongue of the learners.

    Knowledge of the language becomes the means of learning content

    Language is integrated into the broad curriculum

    Learning is improved through increased motivation and the study of natural language seen in context. When learners are interested in a topic they are motivated to acquire language to communicate

    CLIL is based on language acquisition rather than enforced learning

    Language is seen in real-life situations in which students can acquire the language. This is natural language development which builds on other forms of learning

    CLIL is long-term learning. Students become academically proficient in English after 5-7 years in a good bilingual programme

    Fluency is more important than accuracy and errors are a natural part of language learning. Learners develop fluency in English by using English to communicate for a variety of purposes

    Reading is the essential skill.

    The BBC and British Council

  13. Thanx for sharing. I'll post it above. Could you send me the source (URL included), pls?

    stella :-)

    URL: is the "address" to the site or page. It can be found above the screen. In general: www......

  14. I really found Sir Ken Ericson´speech very interesting and funny. Maybe we can at least try to change the paradigm -

  15. Stella, let me tell you that I´d tried before(to write a comment here) but I wasn´t successfull. Now can I feel like a genius?
    Regards, Silvia.

  16. WOW!!!!this is the power of technology: EMPOWERING TEACHERS, ha, ha.
    Good job! It's just the beginning. Now a blog to write about/reflect upon literature????

    stella :-)

  17. I'm sorry Stella, I didn't realize that I had forgotten the source of the article about CLIL. In fact, I was so flustered that I didn't know what to do. More than that, I was afraid of making mistakes. It was my first post!. In effect, I'm conscious that we have to RUN THE RISK to carry through our objectives, and many times we forget something on the way, in this case, the source of the article.
    At the same time, HOW DOES CLIL WORK? was just another view of CLIL.
    All things considered,learn about new technology is an interesting challenge. Thanks Stella .
    I send you the source of the article How does Clil work?