miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012


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  1. This presentation issues a good summary of the main features of the software (e-Learning Class V6.0); but it says nothing about all the technical and practical limitations teachers will come across when they launch the software.

    For example, the software doesn’t work properly when you try to run a video or audio file in your netbook so that the students can watch it or listen to it on theirs. Why don’t videos run smoothly? Why does the netbook tend to get frozen? Then, though the teacher can make students connect to the class automatically and block them so that they don’t disconnect, when there are more than 5 students connected to the teacher’s netbook, the students get disconnected all the same.

    Mind you: converting videos to AVI seems to work only when the video is short. The quality of the image will be lower, however. So if you want students to pay attention to small details, forget it. :-(

    I just wonder how we can overcome these technical issues. -_-

  2. yes, I agree: e-learning class has proved to be a weak tool for the type of classes that we have>>> (too)many students in a classroom and the system turns to become too slow.

    However, I was able to use it last year with college students (3rd or 4th years) and it worked really smooothly, of course I had no more than 10 adults per group.

    That is why I mentioned -in meeting #1- that we could hardly rely on e-learning class and, on the contrary, we had to exploit our imagination and versatility as teachers!

    Let's go on investigating the tool, and try to become familiar with it!!

    stella :-)