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Thinking skills 1.

When you design TASKS you have to take into account the thinking skills involved (see 4Cs  & COGNITION in the CLIL handout).

 Benjamin Bloom (1956) and a group of colleagues divided thinking skills into LOTS and HOTS and identified three domains of educational activities. In the nineties Lorin Anderson, a former student of Bloom, revisited the cognitive domain and made some changes>>>he changed the names in the six categories from noun to verb forms and rearranged them (see the highest thimking skills).

You can read more here: BLOM'S TAXONOMY OF LEARNING DOMAINS. The verbs in each level can be useful in the design of tasks. Anothe r very interesting source if you HERE

More on BLOOM'S TAXONOMY REVISED (you may use these verbs to create TASKS!)

This is a diagram of Bloom's revised Taxonomy showing the flow and process of learning. - A Churches

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Dalton, J. & Smith, D. (1986) “Extending Children’s Special Abilities – Strategies for primary classrooms”  pp36-7

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